Tara Turner Bracelet - A BAG FULL OF KIM - Kim Sion

Tara Turner Bracelet

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‘Beware the Evil Eye’ concentrates on Evil Eye phenomenon and belief in the malefic gaze. Worn as an Amulet or protective symbol, the evil or all seeing eye, wards against evil and protects the wearer from harm.  

The origin of the evil eye can be traced back to ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia (3000 BC) but probably has much older origins. Making it’s way from “old worlds” to “new” it’s symbolism is now seen in almost every country in the world and many religion’s such as Judaism, Buddhism, Hindu, Islam and Christianity have adopted the eye as an icon for their protection.

  • 0.8mm 9ct rose gold double wire expandable bracelet
  • Vintage unmarked silver metal and glass double sided evil eye charms
  • Origin Middle East
  • Width at maximum extension is 7cm
  • Height including bale 1.2 cm 

These pieces are delicate and bendable but can be easily reshaped to suit your wrist. 

Tara draws inspiration from an impressive collection of unusual found objects and rare curiosities which she has collected over the years. With each design being a expression of these often, rare and exceptional finds the rich fusion of inspiration provided by these 'objet trouvé', along with her inherent sense of experimentation and style, creates unique, hand-crafted pieces of jewellery.

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